No food or drink is to be consumed in the pool area or changing rooms

Roslyn Swimming Academy does not accept any responsibility for any spectators whilst on site

Parents are requested to maintain control of any children that are not swimming, removing noisy or disruptive children from the poolside

Parents must remain in the pool area for the duration of the swimming lesson

Roslyn Swimming Academy takes responsibility for children during lesson time in the water, but cannot accept responsibility for them if they leave the water for any reason,  i.e. visit to the toilet

Children are the responsibility of their parents whilst in the changing room

For health and safety reasons, please note that if your child has any of the following conditions they cannot swim:-

Coughs and colds
Ear infections
Stomach upset
An infectious disease  i.e. chickenpox, conjunctivitis, impetigo

Swimming shorts must be above the knee

Refunds will only be issued in the event of cancellation by Roslyn Swimming Academy

Payments, Terms of Booking & Procedures

When parents join us, their child is allocated a lesson time and class. This lesson slot is guaranteed for them as long as they stay with us.  If you wish to change the time or day of your child’s lesson, do not hesitate to contact us.  We cannot always accommodate requests, but we do our best!

Roslyn Swimming Academy lessons are run in conjunction with Hampshire Schools half terms (normally 6 or 7 weeks) , and are paid for in advance.  Parents who join us mid-term will pay for the remaining lessons in that term.

Enrolment is normally the last week of the block, and invoices will be sent on the penultimate week, via email.  Payments must be made by the due date, or your space may be re–allocated.

Full refunds will only be issued if we receive 2 weeks notice prior to the course starting.

Cancellations of places mid-term require 14 days notice and remaining fees will be refunded and subject to an admin fee.

Crash Courses-

Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Booking a space on the crash course does not have any baring on your position on the waiting list for regular lessons.

Full refunds will only be issued if we receive 2 weeks notice prior to the course starting.